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A New Adventure for a New Year

the author and her baby

Today marks my first official day as a full time STAY AT HOME MOMMY!! I couldn’t be more excited! Last month, we were faced with needing to find yet another babysitter to watch our daughter. This would have made sitter number 4 for the year. We sat down and did a little math and discussed our goals etc and decided that it was better for all involved if I just stayed home. As much as I was excited to do so, I was somewhat unnerved to go tell my boss; it was the first time that I had actually chosen to leave a job that A) didn’t make me hate my life and B) that I was not physically moving out of state and therefore could no longer work there. My last day was right before we left for the holidays so it didn’t really sink in right away. Today was my husband’s first day back to work and so I count today as “day 1”. 

Although excited, I was afraid that I would be somewhat stir-crazy as I am used to getting everything done around the house in 3 or 4 days so that I can go to work for my 3 days/wk. So far, nada. Maybe I will get stir-crazy, but I get the feeling that I will have way too much else on my mind to sit around twiddling my thumbs. With staying home comes increased financial stress. While my income didn’t contribute much to our overall household budget (aka mine was mainly in excess to our needs), it did cover some costs. Our budget is much tighter now. And tighter means more work for me when it comes to grocery shopping for example. 

Since getting home from my parent’s house in NE, I have been pouring over recipes figuring out health and cost benefits. I already have some tasty, inexpensive recipes that I use but wanted to find more. BudgetBytes and Pennies&Pancakes are two sites that I visit often as they both supply yummy, healthy recipes with a cost breakdown per recipe and serving. Laura at HeavenlyHomemakers was my youth minister’s wife when I was in high school and now has a flourishing website and COOKBOOK(s), which I was given over the holidays and have been going through and figuring out costs for all the tasty recipes. As I get accustomed to life at home 7 days/week, I will post some of my discoveries when it comes to cost/unit/serving of my favorite recipes so make sure to check back in a couple weeks 🙂 

This new year not only starts the beginning of my dream job, but it also marks the beginning of some other changes in my family’s life. My husband and I have come to the conclusion that we don’t want to be tied down anywhere; we want to be free to go where God sends, whenever that may be. We both want to do mission work someday but don’t know where yet. We also want to be debt free before we start that so that we are not a burden to those who might support us on the mission field. That being the case, we are sifting through our belongings and selling or giving away things that we don’t use. Basically its an early spring cleaning. Clearing house is our first step, and there are many more to follow but I will write on that another day. Our main goal for this year is to be able to listen attentively for God’s direction; we know He has a plan for our lives together, but we don’t know exactly what that plan looks like yet. 

In honor of the traditional “new year’s resolutions”, I have chosen goals for the year as the word “goal” means more to me. My personal goals for the year are: adjusting to my new role, learning how to better interact with my husband and daughter, being more intention about how I spend my time (Pinterest, don’t worry- our time is sacred ;)), finding ways to grow my etsy business (BoundWithHope), and becoming a master at inexpensive, healthy living. What are some of your goals for this year? Hope you had a happy holiday season, and look forward to spending 2014 with you! 


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