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Bring them Joy!

I love to sew things for my family and friends but I am also always on the lookout for ways that I can help others with my talents. So far, I have yet to decide upon a charity/organization that I want to commit to long term (there are so many out there that it makes it hard form me to choose!) However, I have come across a few that look promising, both of which focus on children.

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Project Linus is an organization that makes blankets for children. They don’t have to be sick, just in need of some comfort. The organization focuses on giving children any type of  homemade blanket; crocheted, knitted, fleece tied, or quilted etc. This being the case, it opens the door for many talents which is awesome! If you are interested, there are chapters all over the U.S. that you can join- definitely check out their website! Listed below are a few simple tutorials for blankets that would definitely work for this organization if you are a beginner sewer but would like to help out. Fleece Tie Blanket

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Another organization geared toward cheering sick kids is Conkerr Cancer. This organization started when the founders son was in the hospital with cancer and she decided to make him a pillowcase to bring something fun into his hospital room. Last year they delivered 168,730 homemade pillowcases to sick children!! That’s a lot! As with Project Linus, this organization has many chapters throughout the country that you can deliver pillowcases too. I’ve gathered a few more tutorials for ya to check out! 🙂  

Hopefully our posts this week will inspire you to bring some smiles to a sick child by sending them a handcrafted blanket or pillowcase! Just knowing that someone cares enough to make them something will brighten their day 🙂 


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