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Career: Never Confuse Movement with Action

“Never confuse movement with action”  Ernest Hemingway

I have always been a calculated risk taker.  I have tried to make positive decisions about my school choices, career choices, and life decisions.  I have had to dig myself out of holes before and granted those were never too deep that I wasn’t able to get myself back out of it, but it is an uncomfortable position for me.  The fact is, no one likes putting themselves in the hole.

So far in my post high school career,  I have completed one college undergrad degree (in 4 years) and one professional certification (in 13 months).  Both have provided me with several opportunities for growth both personally and professionally.   The simple fact is I saw what I wanted and drove after it!  I had a vision and I pursued it…

Now, I think innately I have always known I was bound to end up doing hair.   I love it, but I now am faced with another dilemma and that is making a leap of faith into doing hair full-or part-time.  Right now, I don’t have to make that decision.  My vision, you see, isn’t so clear to me this round….

the only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision

With other jobs, I knew when the time was complete.  I worked X-games as an Independent Contractor for 6 years and I knew when that was through.  It was no fault of my own, it was a business decision.  Well the difference is that this is a personal decision!  I don’t feel like my work at my current job is complete either.  I think innately I needed to walk in this direction for a while though.  Vision still is unclear at this point.

Ernest Hemingway’s quote really spoke to me.  Was this career shift intentional or was it just movement?  Was it my initial intention to change jobs forever or continue to balance the both of them?  To that I am not sure…nor do I know those answers at this point.  Action is intentional, you see.  Movement is just the result or byproduct of gravity.  Moving is not necessarily intentional as it is constantly happening regardless of whether you want it to happen or not.

My stylist mentor Aimee has always encompassed the phrase “Do on purpose”.  Does this include life events though that happen to us and change our very circumstances?  Does it also take into account that paths may seem to wind before they wind up straight?  I think so, as long as you are actively doing it for a purpose and reason.  Don’t just do it to do it.  Do it with intention and do it well!

Live your life on Purpose

And so a new chapter is opened….

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