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Chase 2015

This time of year everyone seems to spend time reflecting on the last year and what they want to change about the year to come. I am definitely included in that. Having worked in the field of lifestyle change for many years, studied it in school and beyond, and being a nurse presently; I am more than aware of how hard change is for people including myself. I’ve read the statistics and how hard it is to predict if someone will stay with a change such as a regular exercise pattern. Let me tell you, the statistics are not encouraging. Change is hard.


So what do I do this time of year instead of making a list of resolutions? I pick a word. Or rather, I pray about a word and figure out which one seems to be pressed on my heart the deepest. Even if you aren’t a spiritual person, this is something I highly encourage you do. Why? Because this seemingly simple thing has transformed my life year after year.

I started many years ago when a friend told me about the My One Word challenge. I wasn’t a big fan at first, but as I dug into the first few months I began to see how challenging and life changing it was. By focusing on one word that represents change I want to make in multiple areas of my life, I am constantly challenged, changed, and transformed.

So how do I do this?

First make a list of words you think may be good for you to focus on. Then narrow it down and decide. This will take time, sometimes a month or two. Once you have that word I encourage you to look up the definition. ALL definitions.  Per Merriam Webster the definitions for chase are:

Definition of CHASE

a :  the hunting of wild animals —used with the

b :  the act of chasing : pursuit c :  an earnest or frenzied seeking after something desired

2:  something pursued : quarry

3:  a tract of unenclosed land used as a game preserve

5:  a sequence (as in a movie) in which the characters pursue one another

I then do a google search to discover what all that word is associated with, and what other people have learned through that word. I continually am aware of what the word and learning what it means at a deeper level. Throughout the year different ways pop up for me to learn about my one word for the year.

So here is my question for you. Will you take the leap of focusing on one word for the year? Are you willing to Chase 2015 with me?

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