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Dear Ovarian Cancer Patient

It was with you that I got to start my nursing career.  It was your cancer that I first got to know at an in depth  view. I was there with you has you came back from your TAH/BSO and whatever else they felt needed to be done. As you rolled up to the floor from the PACU in so much pain I was immediately running to get pain meds.  

I was there with you as you could barely keep your eyes open from the pain medication but you were also anxiously waiting to see what the doctors found in your abdomen.  I was there with you holding your hand as the doctors told you it was cancer.  I was there holding your hand as we rejoiced over the news it hadn’t spread.  I was also there holding your hand as you were told it had spread farther than they had thought.  I was the one annoyingly asking you to sit on the side of your bed when the thought of even lifting your hand was terrifying.

Because a nursing manager took a chance on me as a new grad, I was there in your world… walking with you… and learning about how hard a diagnosis of ovarian cancer is.

At a very young age cancer was part of my vocabulary.  Before I was even born my paternal grandma battled ovarian cancer and lost. It is such a rare diagnosis, and is so hard to detect.

I’ve been a few places since that first job.  But I still walk with you.  Now my job is to walk with you day in and day out as you deal with chemo.  As you get your scans back.  I’m still there holding your hand through good news and bad news. And I’m so thankful for the opportunity to walk with you through your battle.  Thank you, ovarian cancer patient, for letting me walk with you. To learn so much about love, drive, and fight through your own battle. To learn what it means to have grace. To learn what it means to be hopeful in the hardest of situations.

It is for you I am writing this blog.  To get the word out there about ovarian cancer.  Together, let’s fight this thing!

With greatest gratitude,

One of your nurses

Quick Facts and Figures:

* 1 in 72 Women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her life ( * It is the 5th leading cause of cancer deaths in women (ovariancancer.og) * Most women are diagnosed in late stage which has a lower survival rate

More Information about Ovarian Cancer:

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