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Easy Thanksgiving Decor on a Budget

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate your house, especially when the holidays roll around. Every year since I’ve have been married, I have wanted to decorate for every holiday, but mainly Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m ashamed to say I’ve utterly failed in that department. Until last year, that is.

This year is my first “stay at home mommy” holiday season and I’m so excited! If only you could see inside my head – it’s filled with ideas for pretty much every area in my life (or room in the house that is) and I know I will never have the time or money to make my imagination a reality. A girl can dream, right?

Pumpkins and Pine Cones

For Thanksgiving this year we are still with the in-laws, so things will be a little different than they would be if I was decorating at my own house. I have had some simple fall decorations upstairs in “our” space for a few months, but it’s time to start thinking about the Thanksgiving table decor. As much as my project-filled brain wants to go crazy and buy every adorable decoration at Hobby Lobby, I know I have to keep it simple. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

For starters, burlap is fairly inexpensive and you can find it at just about any fabric or craft store these days. Burlap is very trendy these days, especially when paired with natural accent pieces (think pine cones, branches, rocks, etc.) and could be used as a cute table runner. I have a few pieces of burlap from my sister’s wedding last year that I will probably use on our table, paired with some pine cones and pumpkin gourds. Add a few simple candles and maybe some clean leaves and I’ll be done! Of course, I will have to run it all past my mother-in-law.

If you prefer something less scratchy, try canvas. Canvas drop cloths are great to use for any craft and are a very inexpensive way to get a considerable amount of fabric. You can find them at Lowes or Home Depot in the painting department. Use the drop cloth either as a table-cloth maybe with a few white doilies on top for a rustic/shabby chic look, or cut into strips for a table runner. Again, use things from nature to decorate. This not only cuts costs, but nothing says “Fall” like  leaves, acorns, pine cones, so why not?

If you have kids, have them help you with decorations either by drawing pictures or making simple Thanksgiving crafts to place around your house. There are many easy crafts for all ages that would work great for any Thanksgiving feast. Search the internet or Pinterest and you will definitely find a winner for your dinner (wow, did I really just write that?). I found some great coloring pages online that my toddler has really enjoyed these last few days. Tomorrow’s page is a turkey that we will glue on some craft feathers and color the rest. It may just end up framed and on our table too!

My last tip would be to use what you have. Scavenge your house for decorations, or make something out of supplies you already have. I know it can be hard to keep your hand out of your purse this season. Believe me, I struggle every week with the urge to go to Joann’s or Hobby Lobby – my crafting really is an obsession. When you’re living on a budget, there are more important things that buying a trinket that will get used for one day and then be stored in a box for the rest of the year. If you do end up buying something, try to get things that could potentially be used in your house, regardless of the season.

Whatever you choose to decorate with this year, just remember that while decorating is fun and helps get people in the holiday mood, the memories that people take away from your shared meal will not be of the polished silver trays or the lace tablecloths. Take time to really BE with your family and loved ones this holiday season; put down the electronics and invest in each other. You won’t regret it.

What thrifty decorations have you used in years past or will be using this year? Please share below!

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