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Falling Into Fun: with the kiddos!

Fall is a great season to get outdoors with the kids. Although my daughter is too young to walk, there are still plenty of things to do outdoors with little ones. 

a hand holding apples

Apple orchards and pumpkin patches are hot spots for young and old alike but they can get pricey so what we usually do is just avoid the tours or hay rides and walk around enjoying the cider and donuts (which if you like to bake, definitely check out these two recipes that I made over the weekend: pumpkin donut holes and maple cinnamon donuts). Bring the stroller or back/front pack and you’re set for a fun day! Check out local parks or trails in your area. A walk among nature is a wonderful (and inexpensive) way to experience the great weather. We love to hike as it creates time to just be together; there are no distractions from home or electronics, and its a great time to just talk about life. While you’re hiking, pick up colorful leaves, pinecones, or acorns for fall crafts around the house. There are many crafts that are easily found on Pinterest these days that bring the outdoors inside so be sure to search on there for some good ideas this season. Here are a few fall craft ideas that I thought looked easy and fun:

  1. Hanging leaves banner

  2. 10 fall crafts: a collection of quick and easy creations

  3. Thumbprint tree (you could even modify this and make a thumbprint turkey for a Thanksgiving craft)

Other fun activities might include raking the leaves in the front yard (with jumping in the piles of course); this not only includes exercise but it turns a chore into a game for the whole family. Make up a batch of hot cider (great recipe found here: hot apple cider) and you have youself a great way to finish out the activity. 

Whether you plan a full day out in the crisp cool weather, or you just hang out in your back yard, fall is a great time to get out into nature! I hope you find some unique- and inexpensive- ways to spend your fall days with your family this year. Make sure and leave us a comment so we can share in your adventures! 


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