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Happy Nurses Week 2014

It is hard to believe that 3 years ago we were wrapping up classes at UMDNJ and preparing to be real nurses, not just nursing students (the most fabulous nursing students I’ve ever of known). I had the best nursing class for me. I met some life long friends and learned how to be a nurse in a setting that 100% fit me in a time when it was perfect. I had to wait longer than I wanted to be a nurse, but looking back it came about in the perfect way for me. 

the author and her friends graduating from nursing school

Since then I have gotten to know and had the privilege of working alongside so many incredible nurses. Through the chaos of learning how to juggle patients, to the nightmares that are known as night shift with a full moon, to the explosive cdiff disasters and the crashing patients, to the tears cried together over an incredible patient passing away and tears over the toughness that is the career of nursing. I say today with such joy Happy Nurses Week to some of the most amazing, fantastic, and incredible human beings I have ever met. I am honored to not only love my career, but have the privilege of working in this job with so many wonderful people who have turned quickly from coworkers to friends. So to all my nursing friends out there, thank you for what you do!

nurses are angels in comfortable shoes

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