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Healthy Eating on a Budget

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying “Health Awareness Week” so far. Make sure you keep reading this week as we have lots to share with you all! Today I am going to share some tips about how easy it is to bring healthy eating into your home, even on a tight budget. 

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I grew up in a big family and a tight budget came right along with the siblings. My parents were always on the lookout for coupons and money-saving tips when it came to providing healthy meals for us kids.  Through them, I learned many tips that help me as I plan meals for my family today. 

Lately, my biggest help with staying within budget has been to make a weekly meal plan. I look for healthy meals that are quick to prepare and easy on our wallet. I use coupons where I can, but I usually just shop sales and off brands. I love looking on Pinterest for recipes and have found many healthy and budget friendly recipe sites through it (BudgetBytes and HeavenlyHomemakers are two that I visit often). 

Some things that I try to keep in mind while writing my meal plans include:

  1. Potatoes, rice and pasta are cheap bases to any meal. Use brown rice or whole wheat pasta for a healthy option.

  2. Cheese is expensive, and honestly it’s not that healthy for you in large quantities (such a sad fact of life). Look for recipes not drowning in cheese.

  3. Fresh produce can get expensive but it is worth it. Plan your menu wisely and you won’t be buying excess produce that you end up throwing out at the end of the week.

  4. Your crock pot is your friend (especially if you work outside the home).

  5. Do I have a protien, carb, and veggie/fruit for every meal? Check out these sites to learn more about preparing a healthy, balanced meal.

Just remember, your food is your fuel. You don’t have to have organic foods bursting your ears, but your body does need GOOD FOOD so that it can function effectively. (If you need some nutrition advice, I’m sure Erica would be more that happy to help!)


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