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I hate running…. wait I’m not supposed to say that

feet in running shoes

I hate running…  wait, I’m a personal trainer I’m not supposed to say that….

Let’s try this again…

I hate running… rather.. my body hates running. I’m a nurse so I’m going to write a blog that for some may be a little bit of TMI, but I have a reason to share this. I have exercise induced asthma, and the thing my asthma hates most is running. I can however get my asthma under control. The part of my body that hates running even more? My intestines. If I do not carefully monitor my food and my pace I will end up in a ball on the ground in completely pain from my intestines spasming. I can teach a whole boot camp for an hour and have every dripping in sweat and people yelling at me “you’re a monster”, but running has never been easy for me even when I am in the best shape.

Yet here I am again, attempting running… why? Because it helps me in many ways and when I can run even a mile without some part of my very difficult body rebelling, I know I’m in a good spot. But what is the biggest reason when spring rolls around that I go back to running? My spiritual health. There is something so soothing to my soul that as I pound the pavement I can finally process things. I don’t run with music and I don’t like to run where a lot of other people are present… I like it where my thoughts can scream as loud as they need with no other distraction.

So… why do I run? I run because at the end of the day it makes a healthier whole me. I will go years without running, using other forms of exercise, but every time I come back to it… I’m reminded that exercise in general helps me to be a healthier me.

I will still always much more enjoy other types of activity… and let me encourage you if you cannot stand running one bit that there are PLENTY of ways outside of running to be active.

So what is the type of activity that always gets you moving? A class? a sport? Walking? I’d like to hear what it is that helps you to be a healthier you!

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