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Lola’s Gotcha Day!

I grew up with animals, both cats and dogs my whole life. Since I’ve been in college I’ve wanted a dog, but I knew that where my life was at it would not be fair to the dog. So here I am at age 28 and after a month long search I found “my dog”. Let me tell you, this has not been an easy process at all.  But it is worth it.

First off, in a relationship world it appears that singles are not looked at as the best dog owners. It was never flat out said, but it was very apparent that there was no one else there to carry the load with me, which made the search a lot harder.

After multiple dogs and when I felt defeated I met Lola. A sweet black lab mix that was full grown at just 35 lbs.  What I found out about her that first day were only a few things… she loves treats, had just had puppies but they had no idea where the puppies were, she pees quicker than any dog I’ve ever seen, she looks like a black lab but is full grown at 35 lbs, and she’s not quite sure about cars. (and she is incredible adorable)


Fast forward a week and a half later after my adventure to Tahoe during my staycation portion of my day off, Lola arrives.  Within 2 hours she had found the hole in the fence and I was in a full sprint behind her as she made her run. Thankfully, at this point, that is the only time that has happened. And let me tell you, even though I’m a big dog person, I was incredibly happy she was only 35 pounds as I huffed back carrying this dog that was now mine after her running adventure.

Throughout the last few weeks we’ve gotten to know each other. We have developed a routine and we’ve had a lot of bumps. She’s still learning that I’m not going to leave her and I’m still learning what things may remind her of bad times in her past. I am also learning what being a dog mom is all about. Bot the ups and downs have been worth it… even the moments where I wanted to sit and cry and possibly even return her. But then I look at this face… and just fall in love all over again.

Lola with a toy

And I can assure you even just 3.5 weeks in I can’t imagine my life without her. Getting a dog, especially a rescue dog, isn’t easy, but it is oh so worth it! Lola I #gotcha

The author and Lola
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