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Nothing says Fall like…

Apple Picking!

The excitement in the crisp, autumn air is palpable as I drive to the apple orchard each Fall.  The orchard stretches out across the countryside and I remind myself to pay attention so that I don’t miss the turnoff to the farmhouse.  Giddily, I step out of my vehicle (wishing it was a pick-up truck, because wouldn’t that just be fitting?), and take my boot and plaid wearing self up to the entrance.

Looking around, I take in the view of trees teeming with juicy apples of multiple varieties waiting to be picked.  There are blue skies overhead and a mild crispness in the air. I love apple picking season…maybe even more than the apples themselves!

Honestly, when I think about a quintessential Fall activity, it is going with a group of friends to an orchard or pumpkin patch.  Not only is the experience of actually traveling to the orchard fun, but what you can make with the apples you’ve picked is pretty great as well! Personally, I like to make apple crisp (my mom’s recipe). This year, I am going to core, peel, and freeze apple’s to make pies this winter.

A great orchard to visit if you are in the Chicagoland region is Kuipers. It’s family friendly, too. So if you’d like to take your mini-me’s along feel free to do so! Last year I took two trips to the orchard; once by myself (sometimes, you just have to do that), and once with a friend. Once Fall hits, a fire is lit beneath me to enjoy the outdoors before I’m forced into hibernation. Soak up being outdoors without the fear of frostbite while you can!

Please comment and share what some of your favorite Fall activities are that you will be participating in this month!

woman in boots holding a bitten apple
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