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Pink Elephants

A dear friend of mine is going to have a baby in March and I’m throwing her a shower. The thing is, I’ve never thrown a baby shower before. I’ve been to a few where we’ve tasted baby food and smelled diapers as ‘games’ and I can tell you, I am convinced that is not the way to do it! She doesn’t have a baby yet, so we’re not going to gross her and her nauseous stomach out any more than necessary.

As you would for any formal party, picking a color scheme and perhaps a theme serves as an excellent launching point. Based upon intimate knowledge of my friend, I know that she loves elephants. That was a no brainer for this party. However, gray is a neutral and since we’re celebrating my friend who has an incredibly sunny and magnetic disposition who is having a girl, naturally yellow and pink have been added to the color scheme. It is imperative to making the guest of honor feel welcomed and honored by utilizing some of their favorite things.

Pink elephant birthday party decor

Speaking of favorite things, Jen loves corn dogs. Absolutely loves them. Therefore, mini corn dogs are on the menu for this party. Actually, we’re going to feast on mini appetizers throughout the afternoon inclusive of Quiche bites, fruit, and pinwheels. There’s no getting around that it’s weird that we call small portions ‘baby sized’, especially at a baby shower– I just won’t think about it and I encourage you to not do so either. It can be adorable or morbid, so let’s go the adorable route, shall we?

Additionally, I have collected prayers/letters/hopes for baby to gift to my friends in the form of a little book as a keepsake from their friends (near and far). I’m so excited to surround Jen and Colin with encouragement and gifts as they enter into this stage of parenthood!

What types of baby showers have you been to and enjoyed? Do you have any suggestions for me in planning this party?

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