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Pumpkins, gourds and chevron…oh my!

I love Fall. It is the season that reminds me most that I am alive. This is odd, I realize, as it is a season of leaves dying and the earth preparing to go into hibernation. The crisp air encourages my lungs to breathe deep. Color explodes on the branches of trees and swirls around me as the wind blows and the leaves fall. My eyes drink in the beauty of creation and my senses are shocked with the contrast of Fall to the past months of Summer.

Fall Centerpiece

Owing to the fact that I love Fall outside, it is befitting that I would entertain that feeling within the walls of my home as well! My dining room table was my most recent project. A jute table runner with a chevron pattern graces the length of the table. Mini pumpkins (white) from a local farmers market, maple leaf candles bought on clearance years ago from Pier One, and dried hydrangea surrounded by artificial apples make up my centerpiece. I smile every time I see it! Can you picture drinking hot apple cider at a table like that?! Recently, I enjoyed “Fall Sangria” at that table, and was pleased with the entire experience!

Over the years, I have found that the best way to build your holiday decor collection is to purchase the decorations AFTER the holiday. Those candles on the table? They were less than 50 cents apiece in December. The acorns in the wire cornucopia? Less than a dollar. With a little foresight and planning, you can have name brand decorations to display from year to year having only paid a fraction of their retail value!

What sort of items do you like to decorate with in the Fall? Mine have always been “harvest” themed, I’m not huge on hanging skeletons or other macabre items in my yard…but I know some people go all out! What gets you excited about decorating in the Fall? Do share!

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