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Reacquainting Myself with the Gym: Mommy Edition

My husband was gone for a couple of days recently and I have to say, it made me realize how amazing single moms are. He was only gone for two days and I live with my in-laws, so it’s not like I was alone. At the same time, I still felt like I was going crazy. Yes, I only have one child but that one little child is a live wire.

I usually do alright until 5 p.m. hits. I’m not sure why, but right around 5 pm everyday, Lyla goes into “destructo mode” (regardless of any snack she might have had to hold her off until dinner) and she decides to throw little tantrums and knock over everything in sight. Needless to say, while I’m trying to cook dinner, things are a little stressful. My mother-in-law is awesome and usually keeps the little demon child busy, but sometimes she isn’t available. When that happens, things are…you get the picture.

On this particular day, things had gone relatively smoothly all day and the late afternoon hadn’t been bad either. I’m not exactly sure what triggered my craziness, to be honest. But, for whatever reason, I was fed up with the child. I put her to bed and wanted to then sleep, stuff my face with ice cream, or pull my hair out; whatever would bring the quickest relief. But for once in my life, I chose a better option.

I went to the gym.

I’m not saying that I have never entered a gym before, rather that, I have never turned to exercise as a form of stress relief. And let me tell you, it was probably some of the best stress relief I have ever had! I left the baby monitor with the in-laws and headed to the gym with my book in hand.

Lego woman exercising

After peddling my heart out on a stationary bike, I returned home a new mommy. It was a great feeling to have “vented” all my frustrations out and yet it harmed no one (unless you count the wear and tear on the bike of course). And along with my stress relief, I got a great workout too!

So I challenge the mommies out there: the next time you are frustrated and just want to quit this whole mommy job, take some time for yourself and exercise! Maybe you only have 15 minutes, or you don’t have anyone to watch the kids? Take what time you can and pump those muscles, do some jumping jacks, buy a punching bag and punch away your problems. Stick your baby in the pack’n’play or your kids in their room or in front of a movie for a few minutes so you can wipe that mommy slate clean. I’m sure you will feel the difference, and your kids will SEE the difference too.

Happy venting!

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