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Reflection of Appreciation: Call to Action February

“It’s not enough to love, people have to feel that they are loved.”  St. John Bosco

Last night, my salon had a meeting.  They get together every other month to talk about the salon dynamics, house keeping, new events, additions and other topics to which will enhance our client’s over all experience.  With that being said, something of a really wonderful thought stuck in my mind…we all love and respect each other as stylists and estheticians as well as in the end are working toward a common goal.  We want YOU our client to feel relaxed and as though you are apart of our salon family too.

Each of us are small business owners with a common home at our salon.  Our station is your oasis to chat about anything and whatever your heart desires.  It is our hope that as you are walking out our doors that you too have had a positive relaxing experience.

I was reminded that not everyone has a good day every day.  There will be days where we will be stressed because of life and all it’s many unpredictable occurrences.  This surge in snow for an instance, I have a few coworkers that drive quite a distance to work and it really did stress them out driving in it!  I cannot even imagine.  There are some that have children and with all the delays and closings had a hard time trying to balance their appointments and making sure their bases were covered.  So with that all said, it is important just to support where our fellow stylists need supported and not to take anything personally.

be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

We have a great team.  I think that our owners really do an amazing job at making sure the personalities among our group work well, that we are on the same page and that everyone is pulling their weight.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is knowing that I am supported and that I help support this home too.

At the very end of the meeting, our owners reminded us that they truly love us.  They appreciate us as we are representing a common vision and appreciate our desire to help the salon be everything it should be.  That loving and positive approach is so much of what we all need to hear from time to time.  We all should feel that our gifts are appreciated and that our hard work is paying off.

For my January-March “non-resolution” resolution, I am striving to do one random act of kindness daily.  I want to do things for others because that is the right thing to do.  I want others to feel appreciated.  I too desire to express true and genuine appreciation for others help and gifts.   Pay it forward don’t you know!  Sometimes the gift of appreciation is the best thing you can bestow upon a person.  You never know what that means or how it affects their whole day.  It might just be enough to turn a rough start into a photo finish!

Here is to a more appreciative and giving February…how are you going to show someone that you appreciate them today?  I want to challenge you to really embrace that question and make February the best one yet!

Catie Manning

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