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Restoring Dignity: Coping with Cancer

How much we take for granted!  This was my exact thought upon reading this article:

Health and beauty is not all about vanity and self-absorption.  It is about representing yourself in such a way that is respectable and truly reflects yourself.  Women who have to go through radiation and chemotherapy may not understand the fullness of this treatment for cancer and the negative affect is has on their outward appearance.  I believe we all take our hair and features for granted.  We never fully realize their purpose or impact on us until they are gone.

Cancer is such an ugly and harsh word that is forever becoming a common reality for humans to learn to deal with and maneuver.  Learning to fight, heal, and cope is a lot of this battle.  Part of the coping does include allowing others to help get us back to a presentable comfortable self that we can look at in the mirror and say, “Yes, this is the new me…and although it is not the old me, I will embrace my new look!”  

It might seem like a little thing–penciling in someone’s vacant eyebrows, applying a fresh palate of colors to a seemingly peaked chemo drained face and helping find a wig of their liking–but, it makes a huge impact on our self-esteem and perception of self.  This is not vanity as much as it is restoring a person’s dignity.  This is where the health and beauty field can assist in this healing and coping of such a disease.  

Just how beautiful it is to help someone feel a little bit more comfortable in such a situation.  I truly believe it will help them feel better in the short and long term.  

Another very cool little find?  The company, Ski and Livi, was established to empower women dealing with cancer through their very unique jewelry line.  This might be something to consider if you know someone who has lost their hair or will be due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  What is the uniqueness behind Sky and Livi?  They create diamonds through a lock of hair.  

Check them out:  What brilliance!

Beauty knows no limits….

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