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Running and Learning: Half Marathon Progress Update

At the end of August I did something crazy: I signed up for a half marathon. Why is this so crazy? Well, because it’s 13.1 miles. That’s a long way and I hate running. No, seriously, I hate it. Even more than five months into training later, I hate still it. I’m still only able to run a little over a mile before I need to walk for a minute.

the ocean and a girl wearing a half marathon medal

I’ve learned that running can be addicting. Maybe it’s not the actual act of running, but there is a high you get when you go further or faster than ever before. I’ve learned how stubborn I can be. So many times I’ve wanted to give up during a long run (because really, who wants to spend a Sunday morning running 8 miles?), but I’m too driven and stubborn to give up. Aches and pains occur, but I can push past. I know I will probably regret that at some point.

the author running in a half marathon race

I’ve relearned how focused I can be when I have a goal. I rarely miss a run day, but I’ve had to miss several recently (hubby is gone for work) and I miss it. I miss the focus and determination I get on those days. The last time I was this focused, I lost 110 lbs in one year.

I’ve learned how important it is for me to have a little time away to myself. I don’t take my kids or husband running and I can’t clean or run errands; I can simply run. There is something very freeing about knowing I have one task and that’s all.

the author and her friend at the end of the race

I have just under three months before my half marathon, and I’m highly considering doing another one sooner, because I am crazy. I still have time to strengthen my body and prepare myself. And I’m excited about this challenge.

I challenge you to make what seems like a crazy goal and truly chase it!

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