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Staying Healthy While Traveling

In less than two weeks I will be hopping on a jet plane on my way to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a family vacation. Words cannot express how excited I am to spend time together with my family and to have a whole week away from work! I love my patients, but everyone needs a break every once and a while. Yesterday my mom called me and said “can we be healthy this vacation?” How many of us like to let go on vacation? I’d say likely everyone. I’d also say that quite a few people worry about sticking to their diet or health plan while on vacation. I’ve been there and will be there. 

A woman's feet next to a travel bag

To help you (and myself) out, here are some key pointers for staying healthy while traveling:

1. When possible, get a condo so that you can make your own meals. You will spend a little extra on where you are staying, but a lot less on meals! 

2. Pack snacks for the car/flights. Apples, oranges, carrot sticks, healthy snack bars, nuts, etc. are great for traveling with. Opt to by water and keep away from sugar filled drinks. Make sure you stay hydrated! I know it is not fun to keep stopping on a road trip or to go in the small tiny airplane bathroom, but your body does need water! And when you stop at fast food, choose wisely :-).

3. When you do eat out, be conscious about what you are eating. Allow yourself that one cheat night, but don’t keep cheating. Be aware of how much alcohol you are consuming and remember that alcohol temporarily turns the liver into what is called a “fatty liver” which slows down your metabolism. Slow down on the free bread or chips and salsa.

4. Make it a goal to be active for at least a half hour each day. Even if it is just a walk down the beach, just get your blood pumping!

5. Have healthy snacks around like broccoli and hummus, carrots and gauc, healthy protein powder, greek yogurt not packed with sugar, nuts, etc. so that when you have the munchies you have something healthy to grab!

6. Don’t get over hungry. Plan your meals out and eat around your normal times. Also, research ahead of time restaurants where you will eat.

7. RELAX. Let your rest and the stress hormones come down to normal levels!

Happy summer travels everyone!

– Erica

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