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Staying on Track this Holiday Season

We are officially into the holiday season, which clearly means one thing….sweets! Cookies, candy, brownies, bars, and the extremely indulgent Buckeye. For those who do not know what a Buckeye is: peanut butter, butter, loads of powdered sugar, and Rice Krispies cereal mixed together to form a ball that is then covered in chocolate. Are you drooling, yet? Us too.

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While these are delicious and we would love to partake in these everyday, they can definitely throw you off track for a ‘healthy eating’ plan. As can being at parties and celebrations where there are others who do not have your same lifestyle in mind. Here are Megan and Erica‘s top 8 tips to help you stay on track this season:

  1. Cheating is okay. Decide how many cheats you are going to have and if it will be a whole day, a meal or just a dessert and stick to it. Once you reach your max amount of cheats you’re done. No more cheating.

  2. Use a smaller plate. Try using the small cake and dessert plates for appetizers. Fill it up and trick your brain into thinking you are  getting more.

  3. Watch the drinks. Those pretty drinks are fun and taste great, but are full of empty calories which can send you into a feeding frenzy. Those kind of drinks are a double-edged sword. Let’s be honest hungry and drunk at 1AM does not leave me wanting a salad.

  4. Get those workouts in!  They may not be on your normal schedule, but keep active in whatever way you can. Even get a few friends to sign up for a holiday 5k to get yourself motivated. You may eat a bit unhealthily around this time of year, but at least keeping up your activity level will help you keep off some pounds and bounce back a bit quickly.

  5. Eat those veggies.  Fill up at the veggie tray.  There is nothing wrong with filling half your plate with some carrots, celery and broccoli.  Then have small portions of the richer food. Don’t worry we know this is easier said than done.

  6. You will fall off the horse. If you are going to parties or baking or just enjoying the holiday season, there is a good chance you will mess up. We are only human. The thing that matters more than falling off is getting back on and recovering.

  7. Remember how the bad eating feels.  When you eat food that is not doing your body good, it will make you feel badly. When you eat ‘good for you’ food, your body loves it.  It’s like a reward.  Eat good food and your body gives you natural energy. Sometimes you have to feel the bad to remember how much better your body can feel.

  8. Eat before you go. Sounds silly, right? The first time I heard it from Jason Boehm. I confess, it is true. Especially when you know there isn’t going to be anything healthy at the party. Even just having an apple before you go will give you something in your stomach. This will prevent you from being so hungry.

Enjoy the holiday season and time with your family and friends.  Make the healthier choices and don’t sweat the small screw-ups.  Life is too short to not enjoy a buckeye now and then. But remember, that one small commitment to staying healthy is one big step in the right direction. Enjoy your time, but don’t lose sight of your goal.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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