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The Choice to Stay

It was Friday afternoon in the midst of a crazy day at work when the e-mail came through. An e-mail that absolutely 100% threw me into a panic. It was an offer to speak with a huge oncology research center about working for them. It is a place that doesn’t seek people out, people seek them out and pray that they get considered. Why me? How did they find me? Why now?

In fewer than 48 hours I will step foot on the soil of my last long-term home: New Jersey. Everything about New Jersey felt like home from the second I rolled into that state, despite the fact that everything seemed to be fighting against me moving there.  I loved my three years in New Jersey. LOVED THEM.

Since then, I’ve spent a summer in Virginia, a year in Michigan, 1.5 years in Chicago, and just moved to the Chicago ‘burbs. While my move was only 20 miles, it was still a move and a lot of change.  So when this incredible opportunity comes through my e-mail I have a option. Do I pursue it or do I kindly turn it down?

I spent all weekend thinking about it and praying about it and I came to the conclusion to do the brave thing. To choose to not even hear about the opportunity and to commit, because moving is easy for me. Staying in one location is an absolutely terrifying thing. Letting people into my life for multiple years is just hard.

So I’ve made the decision to stay. To plant roots. And my motivation? Remembering how much I loved the roots that I planted in New Jersey – roots I get to go back to see in just a few short hours! The site of the New York City skyline, the smell of the smog, and the streets near Rutgers University, are all home to me.

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