The Favorite Book: Part 1

We at Anchor Drop are so very excited to have guest blogger Hezzy joining us. He is originally from Kenya and traveled to the USA to pursue an education. He has a huge heart for helping those back in his home village learn how valuable an education can be. Below is a brief summary of Hezzy’s motive and information about “The Favorite Book Project”, which is his idea to help bring education to his village.

The main objective of this project is to promote education where it’s dearly needed especially among the underprivileged children in Kenya.

Born, raised and going to school in Kenya was very challenging for my mother and me.  As my only parent, she worked very hard in faith to provide for our family of two.  Luckily, I was able to imitate her diligence, earned good grades and received government grants to make it through high school.

Miraculously, I made it to the United States of America on a soccer scholarship where I went on to earn two college degrees.  Additionally, I worked extra hard and joined graduate school.  I will soon graduate with an MBA in Management.

Education is the best gift I have received and I would like to pass it along.

Education is the best gift I have received and I would like to pass it along.  If I do not pass it along, someone who doesn’t have a mother to imitate may never redefine his or her future.

This project will help advocate the need for education, and provide resources to help furnish underprivileged children with school supplies, especially textbooks.

Education is the way to a better future.

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We at Anchor Drop are so excited to walk with Hezzy through this project! Throughout the next few months we look forward to hearing more about Hezzy’s heart and how we can help with this project. Way to go Hezzy!

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