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Week 7: Oh for the Love of Coffee!

This week emotionally was incredibly rough.  Don’t worry, it is OK.  In life you will have weeks like this.  It is through these weeks that you can say, “Catie-girl, this week will come and go and what is most important is that you survived!”  This week is the last week I will be at the salon.  I have chosen to step away from something that I love very much.  I was too stressed trying to balance everything.

So in the course of the last month here is what all has occurred:  I had a break-up with a friend I started dating, I broke-up with Starbucks, I stepped away from the salon and I still feel blah.  My current full-time job is what is allowing my bills to be paid, insurance to be covered, and I do like what I am doing.  I just recognized the stress inevitably was going to cause burn out.  I cannot afford to be burnt out at this point in the game.

I gained back 1/2 the weight I have lost at this point in time.  I have been stress eating and indulging without care or flagrant regard to the damage it was doing on my body.  I didn’t work out ONCE this week.  I did walk a lot more which is great but no run or hard workouts to relieve my stress.  Just a simple glass of Cabernet to soothe the edge….

feet on a scale

Week 7: height 4’8″, weight: 102.0 lbs

I have never in my life ever, EVER, been an anxious person.  I usually have the blood pressure of a dead person.  I can tell you that in the last month my blood pressure and anxiety has been completely elevated!  What is that all about?!  Time to adjust and balance….time to chalk this week up for a learning curve and back on track I go!  “MARCH Catie-girl….MARCH!”

One important thing I should note, caffeine addiction is a very real thing.  It is a problem.  Caffeine makes the morning run smoothly.  It brings clarity to my mind.  It is my spark plugs to my dead battery.  Caffeine is a necessity item and contribution toward Catie Manning having a decent day.  Truly…..

Here are some humorous recaps of what has occurred this week:

While in Chicago Saturday-Tuesday this week at NCDC: –Caribou and I walked everywhere.  Caribou is my 8 month old niece.  She is alert and loves to be around people.  We were in Chicago so we walked up and down Michigan Ave. as well as in our hotel lobby.  She made a ton of friends.  One sure-fire way to get free stuff is to have a baby with you.  PS: She loved Chicago…

–I went on an adventure in the city.  I walked to Millennium Park for coffee.  What should have been a 1/2 mile excursion ended up being a 2.5 mile excursion!  Oh for the love of coffee!  I Yelped coffee shops near me….and Intellegensia popped up with raving reviews.  It was a matter of seconds once I arrived and ordered before my phone died…let the adventure continue!

–I was able to see places that I never had before such as the Chicago Theatre and the Goodman Theatre.  Stellar!  I also walked past the Chicago House of Blues.  I had been there before to see Lucky Boys Confusion…different statues, gardens, and sanctuaries it was all so beautiful!

–My brother-in-law needed to purchase an extra pair of pants so we went shopping at TJ Maxx.  He found a few pairs in his size and purchased one of them.  They were $80 pants.  My sister didn’t even care because they fit!  Little did we know that we were in the designer section…come to find out they are Versace!  We died laughing because none of us are Versace people especially not my athletic brother-in-law! “Versace, Versace…” (thank you Drake)

…when I got home…. –I accidentally froze my coffee rock solid.  I have been drinking black coffee over ice and I will place it in the freezer for a few minutes (A.D.D. kicked in and it ended up being close to an hour) Microwave 15 seconds (repeat 4 times) and throw over ice anyways!

–Emily D. and I met up for drinks on Wednesday and we ended up getting these delightful flaming donuts.  No kidding, they were set on fire!   Em ordered them…she said I could blame her for the weight gain.  I cannot blame her for all of it, but darn those donuts were delicious.  We had a good belly laugh over that comment.  It was wonderful too.


–I went to a benefit dinner on Thursday where I launched a shrimp tail at my friend…it landed in her sauce and sprayed her face.  That sucker slipped right on out of my hand!  We laughed about that one for a while too. All I hear is my dad…“And THIS is why we can’t have nice things!”

Although this week has been stressful and not ideal, I am still looking on the bright side.  Over all things are OK.  Things will be OK.  A lot of adjustments taking place but it is all positive.  I am still standing and for that I am forever thankful!

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