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Week 8: Discipline Yourself, My Child

This week I indulged in pasta.  I stayed a few days with my grandmother and we always have a good time.  It started with a little wine on Saturday, then progressed to a little homemade mashed potatoes and chicken noodle soup on Sunday, followed up by a very delicious dinner made by Casa –a local favorite.

Plate of pasta

Half of a plate; portion control practice

Last night before weigh-in, I tried another wonderful Italian dish from Oley’s Pizza.  It was a Chicago style deep dish pizza.  It was not as good as Giordano’s, but it was the better option here in town.

In my mind…I just kept thinking as if on repeat…discipline yourself, my child.

Here are some things I have observed this week:

1.  Eating out can be lethal if you don’t exercise portion control and proper logic.  Hold the extra sauce.  Hold the extra cheese.    With each and every one of those meals aforementioned, I was utilizing portion control with every single sitting.

2. Exercising makes a huge difference.  I can tell when I need to just go on a walk or when I need to burn off some added energy.  This week I made a valid effort to walk, even though my decent workouts cease to exist.

3. Cleaning, lifting objects, and walking away from the desk are wonderful ways to keep your strength muscle wise.  It wasn’t ideal workouts, but it was better than plopping at my desk sedimentary all day long.

4. Never under-estimate your will power.  I am a lover of food.  I love cooking, eating, creating…food is wonderful.  It took everything in my body to cut my portions and restrain from over-eating.  I know this part is a problem and although this week was far from perfect, I was proud of myself for the effort I was able to put forth despite its wonky nature.  Yes, I said wonky.  And yes that is a technical word…

5. Blessings come in all forms, keep your eyes open and the opportunities will present themselves.  I stepped out of the salon and despite my situation still was presented with a class and a day long event.  Perfect timing.  I went on an impromptu walk with my sister.  It was lovely.  I spent some much-needed quiet time with my grandmother.  Our talks were precious.

Check out my surprising results for week 8!  This week fed my body and soul.  I am so grateful as this week I found peace among this challenge which has not been easy.


Week 8: height 4’8″; weight 100.0 lbs.

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