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Who You Are Right Now, is Beautiful

There are two worlds I live in. I live in the health promotion striving to help people live healthier lives. I also live in the world of cancer patients. 3 days a week for 13 hours a day I work with people who have one thing in common, they are facing something that very well may take their life.

It is interesting to me that my two favorite things in life are kind of opposite. On one side I like to help people live healthier longer lives.  On the other side I really enjoy helping to make patients comfortable in their last few hours and help them realize it is ok to let go.  They are different, yet they are the same.  In both circumstances I get to look someone square in the eyes and tell them who they are at that very moment is enough. Who they are at that very moment is beautiful.

Lifestyles changes are hard. REALLY hard. Accepting that you haven’t been living the healthiest is hard to digest. We all beat ourselves up over it. But here is the truth: beating yourself up over the past is going to get you no where.

Wanting to make changes in your life? Learn these things..

1. The past is the past leave it there. 2. The choices you made yesterday are left there. Make new ones today. 3. Who you are, right now, is beautiful.

So my dear friends, make the decision today to love yourself where you are at and accept that every decision you’ve made has helped to shape you into the beautiful person you are right now. Live life in this moment and decide today to start making those better choices!

Afterall, you aren’t making lifestyle changes to be a more beautiful you.  You’re making them to be a healthier you!

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