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Winter Soup and Salad Selection

Who doesn’t love a good soup and salad, especially when it’s chilly outside? I was desperate to find an alternative to Panera Bread’s Broccoli Cheddar soup. Being dairy free, it makes me miss certain pleasures like this recipe. Every time, I go to Panera Bread with my boyfriend and he always gets this soup. My mouth waters and I was tired of wanting it despite my allergy. So I said, I want it. I made it friendly-and healthier-recipe for you to try!

bowl of broccoli cheddar soup

Vegan Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Serves 6-8


  1. 1 broccoli head, cut into small pieces (about 2 cups)

  2. 1-2 small Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and diced

  3. ½ -1 cup raw cashews, soaked over night

  4. 2 cups vegetable broth

  5. 1 cup filtered water

  6. 1 cup almond milk

  7. 2 cloves garlic, minced

  8. 1/2-3/4 cup nutritional yeast

  9. 1 tbsp mustard powder

  10. 1 shallot, diced small

  11. ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese-vegan, *Daiya is best

  12. 1 tbsp high heat oil

  13. 1 tbsp miso paste

  14. Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Prepare your potato and bake at 350 degrees until fork tender (15-25 minutes).

  2. While your potato is baking, start chopping up your broccoli head into small pieces. Set aside.

  3. In a Vitamix or food processor, add the soaked cashews with one cup of filtered water. Blend until smooth then add the potato. Blend until smooth again. You may also add the mustard powder, miso paste, and nutritional yeast. Blend together with a bit of salt and pepper.

  4. In a deep large pot, heat the oil and add the garlic and shallots. Add the broccoli bits and sauté until soft. Add the two cups of vegetable broth half cup at a time to scrap the bottom of the pot. Combine with the potato-cashew mixture. If it is too thin, you may add almond milk to help thin it out as desired. Mix in the Diaya cheddar vegan cheese and allow to melt into the soup. Save some for a garnish!

Winter also can prove some wonderful fruits need some love and attention as well. Why not try a winter style fruit salad?

bowl of fruit salad

Winter Fruit Salad

Serves 6-8


  1. 2 pomegranates

  2. 1 orange or tangerine, peeled and sliced bite size

  3. ¼ cup fresh basil, cut into fine slivers

  4. ½ lime juiced, and zest for topping

  5. 1 tbsp coconut flakes, unsweetened


1. Cut your pomegranate in half and soak in water to help with pulling the seeds out. Another method is to cut the pomegranate in half, hold one end in your hand with the seeds face down and your hand underneath it. With a wooden spoon or harder spatula, smack the top of the pomegranate, (hard) to get the seeds out. No soaking required, although it may help.

2. Peel the tangerines (or oranges or Clementines) remove as much pulp as possible and for an optional choice you may further cut the wedges into smaller bite size pieces. Toss in the bowl with the pomegranate seeds (arils).

3. Collect your basil leaves and slice them into thin slivers and mix into your fruit. Squeeze half a lime over the top, sprinkle the coconut shreds, and top with the zest from the lime. Serve this colorful winter fruit bowl as a treat or topper for another dish!

*option- instead of basil try fresh mint leaves for a fresh taste!

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