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Young adults-we need to stop judging each other

I remember it clearly. I had been e-mailing with this guy for weeks. We had met online and though I wasn’t initially that interested I wanted to give it a try. In these lengthy e-mails I hadn’t hidden anything from him. I am who I am. I don’t hide it.  As we sat there though, he start asking question after question that made me feel like I had lived my life wrong. The questions themselves were not the bad part, it was the tone and then the sudden departure and facebook defriending that followed.

“Are you done with school yet?”

“Are you done moving yet?”

then 5 times over “I can’t believe you don’t drink coffee, why don’t you drink coffee?”

disney character merida

I haven’t lived a steady all together life, but I love my life. I love every education experience I have had.  And I especially love every locations to which I’ve lived. Each experience I have had has taught me something new. Every location I’ve lived in has given me a collection of amazing friends. Every decision I’ve made has been thoroughly thought through, prayed through, and planned out then executed.

We all do it. We look at other people’s lives and either out of jealousy, not being able to understand, or simply it just not being the way we live we judge. We wonder. We talk. But why?

We as young adults are blessed to live in a time where we can have all sorts of life paths. We can travel, we can live transient lives, we can buy houses and stay put, we can get married young or get married later in life or never get married and that is okay, we can excel in our education and our careers. We can live a life that is unique.

So how about this… how about instead of looking and judging… we start looking, learning, and listening. Because the truth I’ve found is when I stop to learn about others and their life stories I learn and I appreciate their life path so much more. My life is richer and I stop looking at social media as a comparison tool, but rather I can then use it as a tool to love and support those in my life. To cheer them on.

We were made to live. Let’s help each other live life to the fullest!

I love the person I've become because I fought to become her
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