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About Anchor Drop

Welcome to Anchor Drop, a safe harbor to talk about life! We are a community with a passion for living life together and supporting each other. We believe that no matter what season each of us is in, we can learn from each other and together live happier, healthier lives. We talk about all things related to physical, mental, and emotional wellness, as well as relationships and life in general. We hope this will be a place you can come to and have that feeling of "I can totally relate!"

Two people holding hands using their forefingers, which have anchor tattoos
Erica smiling

Meet Erica

Hi there, I'm Erica Smith-Pulley, the founder of Anchor Drop. I am a registered nurse, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and a wellness enthusiast. I have a passion for helping people become the best versions of themselves and cultivating community. 

Erica her husband Jared and their dog Bayli a goldendoodle

I currently live in the Chicago Area with my husband Jared and my dog Bayli. I work as a chemo nurse and I am passionate about fighting for cancer patients and curing cancer. I love cooking, dogs, and staying active. Let's walk together on this journey through life!

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