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Jeans, Boots and Plaid

These are a few of my favorite things…

Throughout the year, I have to fight the urge to wear fall outfits.  I like being seasonally appropriate in my attire, but I’m always drawn to my leather cowgirlish boots and brown articles of clothing. Eagerly, I anticipate a time when it is seasonally appropriate to bust out the leather boots, knit socks, jeans and, puffy vests and plaid shirts. Must be the Indiana girl in me. The crispness in the air, the burst of flaming leaves, the lure of apple orchards and pumpkin patches…sign me up for that!

Fall also has a way of transporting me through time to some of my favorite memories. Traditionally, I will reminisce about Ireland when the wind blows a certain way and sidewalks have crisp leaves on them. I lived in a 100yr+ YWCA for a semester that was a block from the Irish Sea. The coastal breeze and seasonal coolness “forced” me (I didn’t protest too much!) into wool sweaters and jeans and I spent many days curled up in the yard with my books and a quilt. I find myself yearning for those scenes to be replicated…so, I pack up a bag and head to my second favorite place…Geneva, IL.

Geneva is a little town, west of Chicago by about an hour, and along the Fox River. My desire to enjoy the weather, soak up the reminder that life is happening through the changes in the season, bring me to my favorite coffee shop for a dirty chai tea latte, and then down by the river. The fall foliage is beautiful and the feeling of being wrapped up in a comfy sweater while enjoying it, well…that’s definitely one of my favorite things.

Where are some of your favorite places to visit in the fall? Fill us in so we can add to our lists of places to go and things to do!

girl in plaid

Fall Favorite – Plaid

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