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What the man selling cotton candy has taught me

drawing of cotton candy

I don’t remember when the first time it was that I noticed this man, but since then I can tell you I always look for him. He is the man standing at the corner of Western and W. Peterson selling cotton candy. What struck me most and what still strikes me is this man’s dedication and perseverance to sell just even one cotton candy. No matter what the weather or how many times he hears no, he keeps going. He makes the same loop with his tall heavy poll of cotton candy and works honestly to make a living.

I don’t know much about this many except the fact that he always makes himself look put together. I also know that despite the fact that he has no teeth, he smiles at you with a big smile.  I know that he doesn’t speak much English, but he attempts to communicate with you still. And I know that he is dedicated and focused.

Through my brief 1-2 minute observations of this man I have been convicted. This man makes so much less than me, but he does his job with such a perseverance that challenges me. I love my job, but there are days that I lose steam. I am convicted of the fact that this man works hard every day just to bring a small sum of money home.

As the holiday season approaches I wonder how I can help others who aren’t as fortunate as me. But I also wonder how I can do this more than just during the holiday season. How do you help others? What is your way of giving to others?

I’ve also been thinking how can I put forth the type of work ethic that I should be every day? How can I go forward with a positive attitude and gracious spirit? How can I smile?

I know one thing that I can change is this. I can smile more at those around me. I can smile at the man on the street. I can smile at each and every individual I come in contact with and I can encourage. Even when I cannot provide money or material things I know that like this man selling cotton candy I can smile and put forth 100% of an effort at the things I can do for others.

Who can you smile at today?

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