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I have a problem with the medical world..and I’m part of it


In the last week I have dropped more money on doctors appointments and prescriptions than the last 3 years combined. I always go to a yearly physical and dermatology appointment (and you should too), but this year there was much more going on. I have had migraines, asthma, and IBS for years, and recently they have gotten out of hand. No longer was my albuterol inhaler only needed once every couple of weeks, but it was being used daily. No longer was ibuprofen taking care of my migraines. No longer were my intestines being controlled by diet and exercise.

I don’t like taking medications unless absolutely necessary.  I would much rather change my lifestyle than take medications, however I also recognize when medications are needed.

I researched for weeks, read multiple doctors reviews,  and tentatively picked a new primary care in the suburbs. I had everything including my allergies, history, current medications, family history, and present complaints typed out for this new doctor so we could dig deep into my problems. She walks in the room, glances at my thoroughly typed out sheet, and promptly gives me 2 medications, tells me there is nothing really to do about my IBS, listens to my lungs, looks in ONE of my eyes, and walks out of the room.

I’m a nurse, nutritionist, and personal trainer. I know there are things to do. I know many are lifestyle issues. But my main issue? After I told her I had had all these horrible GI symptoms she didn’t even look at my stomach let alone press on it.  And I had absolutely no ease that nothing else is going on in my abdomen outside of IBS.

I am a part of the medical world and I left my doctors appointment beyond frustrated even though I talk the language. I left my appointment feeling like I should have never come. I left and I had a greater understanding of why so many of my patients waited years to see the doctor OR saw the doctor and their cancers took years to diagnose.

So this is my plea and my cry to the medical world from one who is in the medical world. Can we PLEASE slow down and listen as much as we can. I know demands are high. I know stress is high. But maybe, just maybe a few of us slowing down and showing that higher patient volume in small time frames is doing more harm than good.

So my medical friends out there… who is with me? Who will slow down and truly listen with me?

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